ANA Mileage Club Offers Discounts at Sushi Restaurants

Discounts on SushiIf you love sushi as much as I do, you may be interested in netting a discount at some of the best Japanese restaurants in the Washington, DC area.

The discounts are small — 5 to 10 percent off — but the effort required is minimal.

What’s more, if your plans call for travel to Los Angeles, Honolulu, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, or New York — you may find some worthwhile discounts on sushi there as well.

To receive the discounts, all you have to do is show your membership card in the ANA Mileage Club at the restaurant.  ANA, or All Nippon Airways, is a Japanese airline that flies domestically and internationally.

Enrollment in the ANA frequent flyer program is free and easy.

I don’t know why I am a member, as I have never flown this airline, but I must have joined at some point anticipating a trip to Japan.

Here’s an example of some of the discounts offered:

ANA Mileage Club Discounts at Washington DC Area restaurants

The discounts listings for Honolulu are the most extensive — something to keep in mind if you will be visiting Hawaii.

2 thoughts on “ANA Mileage Club Offers Discounts at Sushi Restaurants

  1. I too love Sushi. We don’t get very good Sushi here in Montana. Michelle and I were over in Missoula last week and had Sushi at a Japanese restaurant. Not very good. I will be traveling to San Francisco in March and they have great Sushi. Your site is always helpful with great ideas. Thanks for the tip.

    • Thanks for commenting. I have updated the post to add links to the discounts for various cities. I wouldn’t go out of my way to seek out these restaurants, but if you are eating there already, it’s nice to save a little money.

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