A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Drugstore

Vanilla Reload CardI was in attending a conference in Washington, DC yesterday and happened to stop in a CVS drugstore.

Out of habit, I checked the gift card rack, even though I had not seen Vanilla reload cards in Northern Virginia for a couple of months.

Everyone was picking up chocolate Halloween candy yet I was in search of vanilla!

There were no Vanilla reloads on the gift card rack, but when I was checking out I noticed boatloads of them by the cash registers in the front of the store.


I was able to purchase two cards, and the manager said that I could purchase two more.

However, the additional purchases were declined on two different Chase credit cards.

When I got home there were some messages from fraud prevention. The bank wanted to verify some attempted purchases:  “Had I been traveling out of state?”

Apparently, if you live in the DC metro area, you need to let the bank know in advance if you are shopping in a nearby jurisdiction, or your charges may not go through.  Strange indeed.

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