About Me

Deborah Shprentz in Wildwood, NJ
Deborah Shprentz at Sal’s Pizza in Wildwood, NJ

I started Fishing4Deals to share pragmatic tips and tricks about ways to save money, travel cheaper, and have fun doing it.

Fishing4Deals is about all kinds of travel deals and freebies:  where to find free walking tours; how to save on museums, shows, and meals; and other tricks of the trade.

For years, I have been known to my family and friends as the “Priceline Queen.”

Using Hotwire and Priceline, I have stayed at dozens of wonderful hotels in over 30 cities at half the going rate.  This blog will show you how to outsmart “The Negotiator.”

In recent years, I have been subsidizing my travel through various loyalty programs and credit cards that offer miles and points.

I am not much of a jet setter — most of my travel is for business, or to visit family and friends.

My focus is on ways to save money and even get free travel in coach class and at modest hotels.  In other words, travel for the rest of us.

I’m based in the metropolitan Washington, DC area — specifically in Reston, VA — and I love to find bargains and cheap eats at home, too.

Do you love quirky things:  attractions; cultural events; and places to stay?  Me too!  I will try to share some of my favorite finds from time to time.

I will strive to share my experiences in a fair and balanced way — but please keep in mind the opinions expressed here are my own, and that I am not on expert on financial matters.

In my professional life I am an environmental consultant.

If you enjoy what you read here, please feel free to sign up for emails, subscribe to my RSS feed, or follow me Facebook or on Twitter (@Fishing4Deals).

I welcome your feedback and invite you to join in the dialogue.

Drop me a line:  admin@Fishing4Deals.com