Big News: 5 Percent Off “Name Your Own Price” Hotels

Priceline has announced a big summer sale — to get an additional 5% discount on any Express Deal or Name Your Own Price® hotel stay.5% Off Sticker

Use the coupon code SUMMER now through July 31 to receive the extra savings on hotel bookings — up to 60 percent off.

“Express Deals” is Priceline’s semi-opaque site, and “Name Your Own Price” is the traditional Priceline offering where you can bid for hotel stays.  It is very rare to find promo codes for “Name Your Own Price” hotels on Priceline.

If you are willing to take a chance on what hotel you will win, and can deal with nonrefundable reservations, Priceline is the cheapest way to go.  You can easily get 3 or 4 star hotels at 2 star prices.  I book almost all my hotel stays on Priceline or Hotwire.

I always check Hotwire first, and then the online forums (listed in the sidebar), to get a sense of what hotels might be available on Priceline.

This summer sale is a good way to offset the $5 per night service fee that Priceline tacks on to reservations.

If you wish to save even more on your reservation, you can go through a cash back portal like FatWallet when making your purchase.

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A more detailed explanation of Priceline’s various hotel reservation options is available here

6 thoughts on “Big News: 5 Percent Off “Name Your Own Price” Hotels

  1. Thanks. Just in time for two bookings I need to make for a road trip. I just started a list today of hotel specials for non-chain places and so far have three options already, just from a peek at Twitter and today’s email – extra points from PointsHound, 13% off at, and now Priceline. Hard to keep them all straight and to figure out the best one! Guess I’ll need to poke around and see!

    • I have had very good experiences with FatWallet. If you do a lot of shopping on line, be sure to check it out! I hardly buy anything at the store anymore — just too much hassle to deal with traffic and parking, and half the time they are out of what you need.

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