$3 per Day Parking at BWI

Save 40% on Parking at BWI with Econopark Express
Save 40% on Parking at BWI at
Econopark Express

I live just six miles from Dulles International Airport (IAD) but often find myself flying out of  Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI).

Because BWI is a hub for Southwest Airlines, there is more competition and you can often find cheaper airfares.

The last time we flew out of BWI, we found cheaper long-term parking with a  an “offsite” vendor.  In reality though, the parking was no further away from the airport than the “onsite” parking.

Park for $3.20 a day at BWI

There’s a terrific deal available from Groupon for 40 percent off parking at BWI with Econopark Express.  

The deal offers long-term parking for $4 a day, but there is a coupon today (3/19/2014)  for 20 percent off, bringing the rate down to an amazing $3.20 a day.  Use coupon code LOCAL20 at checkout.

There are 3 options available:

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Where to Find First Class Lounge Passes at Bargain Basement Prices

Delta-Skyclub PassIf you are trawling for passes to gain access  to those “swank” airport lounges reserved for the airlines’ best customers, you are in luck!

The big three U.S. airlines sell one-day lounge passes for $50 — a steep price to pay for relaxing in a “club” before your flight.

There are a lot of passes in circulation because several airline credit cards throw in lounge passes as incentives for applications.

Passes for the United Club, the Delta Sky Club, and the American Airlines Admiral Club are readily available on the Ebay auction site.

I checked the prices of “completed listings” on Ebay and found a big price variation depending on the airline club.

Can you guess which club passes command the highest prices on Ebay?

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Airport Tours: Horses, and Rollerblades and Motorcycles, Oh My!

How would you like to combine your interest in aviation with your favorite sport — whether it be horseback riding, bicycling, or roller blading?Cincinnatti Airport by Horseback

Are you fascinated with art, history, architecture and photography?

Look no further than the public programs at airports here and abroad!

I have a guest post this week on unusual airport tours at FrugalTravelGuy.

I invite you to check it out!

“I Knew We Were in Vegas When . . .

Las Vegas International Airport
Slot Machines at McCarran International Airport
Joel Shprentz Photo

Are you flying Southwest Airlines anytime soon?  

I’d like to buy you a drink!

Please add your comments below for a chance to win two Southwest Airlines drink coupons!  

The coupons are good for beer, wine, spirits, or VitaminWater!

To enter the contest, just comment below with your response:

Bally Hotel in Las Vegas
The View from Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Casino
Joel Shprentz Photo

I knew we were in Vegas when . . .

we stepped off the plane and the slot machines were right there.

I knew we were in Vegas when . . .

we landed at 6 p.m. and it was 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

I knew we were in Vegas when . . .

 we looked out the hotel window and saw a showgirl.

I knew we were in Vegas when . . .

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JFK’s Flying Saucer Terminal Tops List of Most Endangered Historic Sites

The iconic Worldport Terminal at JFK International Airport has been named to the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s (NTHP) list of 11 Most Endangered Places.

Worldport Terminal Pictured in Chevy Ad<br />Image courtesy of Paul Stipkovich
Worldport Terminal Pictured in Chevy Ad
Image courtesy of Paul Stipkovich

The terminal, once home to Pan Am, opened in 1960 and symbolizes America’s entry into the Jet Age.  The first commercial flights of the Boeing 707, the first “modern” jetliner, departed from the Worldport Terminal.    The terminal was designed to allow for aircraft to be parked under the partial overhang.

The flying saucer-shaped building  has been featured in several Hollywood films, as well as the Mad Men inspired Pan Am TV series.  A Pan Am Boeing 747 and the Worldport appear in the James Bond film Live and Let Die,  and the terminal is featured in The Family Man starring Nicolas Cage, and That Touch of Mink with Doris Day.

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Preview Tours of LAX’s Upgraded Tom Bradley Terminal

Tickets are going fast for the June 22 open house and tour at the newly renovated Los Angeles International Airport terminal.  Register now to explore, discover and enjoy special exhibits, entertainment and a chance to win a raffle prize.

LAX International Terminal Open House June 22, 2013
LAX International Terminal
Open House June 22, 2013

The renovation of the airport terminal, named for former Mayor Tom Bradley, has been in the works for four years and is said to be the largest public works project in the history of the City of Los Angeles.  Tickets and parking are free, but preregistration is required.  Visitors will see art and aviation displays, the architecture of the wave-like terminal and meet the dogs in the airport’s new Pets Unstressing Passengers program.

Do you like preview tours of new public works projects?

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Japanese Taiko Drummers at Dulles International Airport

Taiko Drummer
Taiko Drummer – Mark H. Rooney

In celebration of Asian-American Heritage Month, Japanese Taiko drummers will be performing at Dulles International Airport (IAD) on Thursday and Friday, May 30 and 31.

The free performances will feature DC-based musician Mark H Rooney.  Taiko is a dynamic form of full-body drumming based in Japanese tradition. Rooney combines that traditional foundation with a modern sensibility to create performances that are full of energy, endurance, and excitement.

The performance on Thursday May 30 will take place from  3 to 5 p.m. on the departures level – east side.

On Friday, May 31, you can catch the drummers from 10 to 11 a.m. on the departures level – east side;  From 11:15 to noon, the show will move to Gate B41, post security.

The performances are sponsored by All Nippon Airlines (ANA) and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

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Gangnam Style @ Dulles International Airport May 3

Catch the Gangnam Style dance phenomenon this Friday at Dulles International Airport.

Psy Gangnam Style
Psy Gangnam Style

The performance is part of a Korean cultural festival Friday afternoon in celebration of the May 2013 Asian Pacific Heritage Month.

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Where Can You Find the Best Crab Cakes in Maryland?

Hint:  It’s not the Eastern Shore.  

IMHO, the best crab cakes in Maryland can be found at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI).

Baltimore’s famous Obryckis, known for their tremendous crab cakes, has closed their downtown location and opened two venues at BWI.  This Baltimore landmark, founded in 1944, is a favorite of seafood lovers.

A Delicious Crabcake
A Delicious Crabcake

The next time you fly out of BWI, check out Obryckis Restaurant and Bar located at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport between gates B-9 and B-11.  The service is fast and the food is delicious — a far cry from the usual airport fare of soggy sandwiches.  Obryckis also operates a bar on Concourse A.

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Part 1: Reagan National Airport is an Art Deco Delight

The original Washington National Airport (DCA) Terminal building is an art deco masterpiece commissioned by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) in 1938 and completed in 1940.

If you have some time to spare on your next trip out of DCA in Washington, DC you should wander over to see the exhibit hall and the restoration of the historic terminal between Terminal A and Terminal B.

The wonderful art deco features have been lovingly restored by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. DCA is an Art Deco Delight The space now serves as a quiet retreat from the rest of the bustling airport.

There is an public exhibit area above the waiting room with historic photographs and artifacts from the art deco era. You can see glass balustrades and other examples of streamlined Art Deco ornamentation.

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