Charlottesville, Virginia on Miles and Points

Charlottesville, VirginiaWe are making a last minute excursion to Charlottesville, Virginia.

I’ve never been, and am really looking forward to it.  Charlottesville should be very pretty this time of year.

There’s no football game on the calendar, but the town seems to be completely sold out.

I am finding availability however, in a relatively new hotel on the outskirts, a Hyatt Place.  The rooms look pretty nice, just like the Hyatt Place Universal Studios we stayed at in Orlando.

A room at the Charlottesville Hyatt Place is going for $259 per night plus tax. That is way more than I want to pay.

The Trouble With Orbitz Rewards

It occurs to me that I just earned over $100 in Orbitz Rewards via a recent series of contests.  In my mind, that should be worth one free night.

Orbitz is showing room availability at the Charlottesville Hyatt Place at the same rate as the Hyatt website, $259.  I’m thinking, after crediting my $100 in Orbitz Rewards, that $159 a night might be the best I can do.

However, it turns out that Orbitz calculates tax on the full room rate, and only then subtracts the Orbitz credits.

With tax, the room rate is $289.  One night at the Hyatt Place in Charlottesville would be $184, after factoring in $105 in Orbitz Rewards.  That’s still quite pricey for my budget.

A Night at Hyatt Place Charlottesville is 8,000 Hyatt Gold Passport Points

I don’t have any points in the Hyatt Gold Passport program, but it is worth checking how much this hotel goes for on points.

Hyatt Points and Points Plus Cash Chart
Hyatt Points and Points Plus Cash Chart

The Hyatt Place Charlottesville is a Category 2 hotel, which costs 8,000 points per night; or at the points plus cash rate, 4,000 points plus $55.  You have to call in to request the points plus cash rate.

The hotel was sold out of points plus cash rooms.  But there was still availability showing for 8,000 points per room.

Ultimate Rewards Points Transfer to Hyatt Immediately

Fortunately, I have a small stash of Chase Ultimate Rewards points.  These points can be cashed in as statement credits at the rate of one cent per point.  8,000 points are worth $80 in cash.

I chose to transfer 8,000 Ultimate Rewards points to my Hyatt Gold Passport account.  The good thing about the Chase Ultimate Rewards program is that the transfers go through immediately.

I was able to reserve reserve a room — before the hotel sold out completely — for 8,000 points.   That’s a pretty good deal in my book.

The hotel business is all about supply and demand.

Rooms in Charlottesville were very expensive on our chosen date, but the price in points of the Hyatt hotel remained static.  8,000 points might not be such a good deal on a low demand night, but in this instance we made out okay.

7 thoughts on “Charlottesville, Virginia on Miles and Points

  1. Hi! It is a new hotel in a new strip upscale shopping center. You are right by 29 and the very close to 250/64. A fun place to eat is Mellow Mushroom or if you are a soup lover like me is Revolutionary Soup on a side street off the Pedestrian Mall. Send me an email when you are going and perhaps we can meet in “my neck of the woods”.

    • Thank you for these dining suggestions. My daughter is leaning vegan and the Revolutionary Soup menu looks to have lots of veggie options!

  2. Dang it, I didn’t even know about that Orbitz deal! How did I miss it? Oh, well… I’m glad the Hyatt thing worked out for you. It does sound like a solid deal, and that’s why hotel points are such a valuable tool. During peak times you can make out like a bandit.

  3. I’m quite late, but there was a unusual UVA home game on 9/25 which likely accounted for the price hike. This is my stomping ground and I hope you had a great time. By the way, that’s the wrong logo–the upper left corner should be blue, not gray 🙂

  4. Thanks for the comments folks. Yes, there was a football game on Friday night. The town was packed.
    We loved Revolutionary Soup and ended up eating there twice! A bowl of homemade soup came with a corn muffin and an apple. Lots of vegan options!

    This was a quick one-day trip but we will be back!

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