Eat Lobster, Earn Points

Clyde's Lobster SpecialMy husband and I honeymooned in Maine, so every year we try to go out for a celebratory lobster dinner.

Lucky for me that Clyde’s, my favorite restaurant chain, has extended their lobster special through the month of October.

Luckier yet that Clyde’s of Tyson’s Corner in Northern Virginia is part of the Dining Rewards program.

By signing up for the US Airways Dividend Miles Dining rewards program, you can earn 1,000 miles the first time you dine at a member restaurant, spend $40, and write a review.

Lesser known restaurants participate in the Dining Rewards program to attract customers and favorable reviews.  The Metro construction at Tyson’s Corner must be deterring customers, because Clyde’s is well known for its high quality food, fanciful decor, and reasonable prices.

The lobster special is $18.99 for a 1.25 pound lobster, french fries,and cole slaw — so dinner for two is perfect for meeting the $40 spend.  They will make substitutions on the side dishes; I like the fresh fruit salad as a substitute for the cole slaw.

The big payout in the Dining Rewards programs (which are available for many frequent flyer programs, as well for UPromise college savings) is for the initial sign-up and first meal.  Payouts vary — United is currently offering 1,500 miles for the first and second meals of $40, for new members only.  Once you register a credit card, you continue to earn miles each time you dine at a participating restaurant.  You can register several credit cards to a single program (e.g.United Mileage Plus), but a credit card can only be assigned to one program.

This is one of those miles-earning opportunities where you can set it and forget it.  If you happen to dine at a participating restaurant, you may notice a few extra points on your monthly statement!

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