What are Your Frequent Flyer Pet Peeves?

Frequent Flyer Pet Peeves Survey
What’s the worst thing about frequent flyer programs?

Frequent Business Traveler and FlyerTalk are running a survey on the most annoying aspects of frequent flyer programs.

With input from frequent flyers, the survey sponsors have complied a list of pet peeves with the award redemption process.  

They ask you to rank order your most annoying award redemption problems.

This survey caught my attention because one of my biggest pet peeves is that many mainstream miles and points bloggers do not tell the full story about frequent flyer programs.

I started Fishing4Deals to provide objective information about the pros and cons of various programs.

My number one concern with the award redemption process is that low-level award tickets are often unavailable when I want to fly.

As Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagen said:

I always thought that the way these agreements worked were that if I flew a certain number of miles on your plan, I was going to get a free ticket.  If I knew that it was really up to you to give me the free ticket . . . I don’t think that I’d be spending all this time in the air on your planes. You know, I’d find another company that actually gave me the free ticket.

To rank your top pet peeves, head over to the survey site by November 30, 2014.

What are your biggest frustrations?  Is this survey on target?

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