Hotwire’s Survey of February Price Drops: Hotels, Cars, and Airfare

If you are trolling for travel savings this month, have a look at this analysis from The analysis shows the destinations that have the largest price drops compared to February of last year in three categories:  hotels, car rentals, and airfares.  The so-called “Hotwire Travel Savings Indicator” reports results during the second week of each month.

According to Hotwire:

Results are calculated by looking at Hotwire booking data for select regions in the current month, and comparing prices in the current month against Hotwire prices in the same month in the prior year. Prices are compared within the same categories (e.g., star rating, class of car) for consistency, and the percent change in price for each region is generated as an overall average of the changes in those categories. The hotel prices in the charts above are examples for a particular Hot Rate deal within that market. The airfare and car rental prices are average prices based on bookings across all car and seat classes.

The analysis reports that the Las Vegas market had the largest price drop for 5 star hotel rooms compared to February of 2012, a savings of 16 percent on average.  Las Vegas was the only market with a double digit decline in prices, though it is hard to draw firm conclusions because  only select data are reported.

Toronto topped the list of air fare declines, with a drop of 25 percent in average airfares compared to last February of last year.

Jackson, Mississippi, with an average rental car price of $18 per day on Hotwire was the leader in lower prices for cars, with savings of 42 percent relative to a year ago.  Holy mackerel!

Top Hotel Price Decreases for February 2013 vs Last Year

Does this kind of information factor in to your travel plans?

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