I’m Lovin’ it: New iPhone with $30 5GB Data Plan

iPhone 5s Does anyone these days make calls on their mobile phone?

It seems that most of my communication is by text or email.

So when I heard about the T-Mobile $30 a month 5 GB plan, I decided it was time to spring for a new cell phone.

I am loving my new iPhone 5s, with the $30 per month prepaid “Walmart plan” from T-Mobile.  Unlimited high speed data, unlimited texts, and 100 minutes a month for phone calls.

The data is not really unlimited — but it is a generous 5 GB at 4G speeds per month, before the data speed is throttled.  If I exceed the monthly call limit, additional calls are just 10 cents per minute.  Best of all, there are no extra fees or taxes tacked on to the $30 per month rate.  I just buy a refill card from any number of sources and I am good to go.

 If you browse the T-Mobile website, you just might overlook this option entirely.  The first thing to catch your eye is the $70 unlimited data plan:Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.03.03 PM

But if you scroll down the page a little further, there it is, plain as day, albeit in very small print:

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.04.00 PM

So what’s the catch?   First of all, you have to buy an unlocked phone to participate in the prepaid plan, so there is no purchase subsidy.

Second, there is no data roaming for high-speed data in regions outside of T-Mobile’s coverage area.  On our recent Amtrak trip to New York though, I noticed no break in 4G service in the Northeast corridor.

To conserve voice minutes, I use Skype to make phone calls.

I am really enjoying access to email and data on the go.  I’ve downloaded a slew of travel apps, which are fun for planning future trips.  The combination of the new phone and the high speed data means that download speeds are blazing fast.

I am looking forward to sharing some app finds, and interviewing other bloggers about their favorite travel apps.



3 thoughts on “I’m Lovin’ it: New iPhone with $30 5GB Data Plan

  1. Thank you for the review! I’m hesitant to try T-Mobile as their coverage maps out west look pretty spotty. For someone staying in the Northeast, it doesn’t sound like that’s a problem.

    I’ve been looking into Republic Wireless but haven’t taken the plunge yet. They access wi-fi as much as possible but roam onto Sprint and Verizon when that’s not possible. Since it’s wi-fi based for the majority of the time (including calls), the prices are quite cheap.

    • I used to have a Virgin Mobile “stupid phone” so this is a huge upgrade for me. Virgin Mobile, which uses the Sprint network, did not have cell coverage in many rural areas I frequented. My husband did OK in Utah with his T-Mobile phone, but only along the I-15 corridor. T-Mobile doesn’t work for us at all when we go up to Vermont. Other than that, I must say I am extremely pleased with this phone and plan.

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