Penn & Teller 2-For-1 Ticket Deal

Everything in Vegas has a promo code or can be comped so I was surprised how hard it was to find discount tickets for the  Penn & Teller show when we were in Las Vegas last summer.   Eventually, I tracked down a discount code on Travelzoo, but it was not as good the 2-for-1 deal as that Southwest Airlines is offering its passengers.Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 6.38.32 PMPenn & Teller are illusionists extraordinaire — and their show combines humor, magic, and libertarian political philosophy.  Their shtick is to demonstrate how magic tricks are done.  Penn does all the talking and Teller is mostly mute.  
The 2-for-1 deal is better than you can find with various Vegas ticket discounters.
Look for the ad in Southwest’s Spirit magazine, or use coupon code PNTSS at the box office in the Rio Hotel and Casino.
Performances are at 9 p.m. every night except Thursday and Friday.
Regular ticket prices range from $82.50-$104.50, plus tax and fees.





3 thoughts on “Penn & Teller 2-For-1 Ticket Deal

  1. Deb, how many times have you been to Vegas? Isn’t it a pit, though? Catering to the most depraved of all human activities and demeaning everythying. I am not saying that you can’t catch some great acts–Penn & Teller is a good one and a lot of the performers are tops, but the atmosphere of Vegas–ick..

    • I think we passed through Vegas at least four times in 2012. We manage to have a good time wherever we go. I am always on the lookout for offbeat attractions, and Vegas has plenty. I don’t like Penn & Teller’s politics but their magic is amazing!

  2. So lame saying Las Vegas atmosphere is “ick”. People speaking poorly of Vegas is so like someone driving the freeway past the sewage treatment plant of Oakland Ca and thinking the entire SF Bay area smells the same! Besides there is a regular city here ready to enjoy- that is not all sex, drink and gambling. Penn and Teller are great every time. Rod Stewart is playing regular along with many others. SWA ticket deal is the best for Penn and Teller show so please keep it up LUV!

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