My Room Rate Dropped Four Times in Four Weeks

Gotta Love the Thanksgiving Parade!
Gotta Love Hello Kitty at the Thanksgiving Parade!
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Do you ever wonder how much the person sitting next to you on the plane paid?  It seems that airfares are constantly changing and totally unpredictable.

The same can be true of hotels.  The room rates go up and down depending on the hotel’s model of supply and demand.

We had a recent hotel stay at the Radisson Martinique on Broadway.  I locked in two award nights well in advance — 50,000 Club Carlson points for a two-night stay.

We decided to add a third paid night on to our stay, so several weeks ago, I made a reservation to extend our stay.  The room rate at the time was close to $300 per night, plus tax, bringing the total to nearly $350.  That’s a lot to pay for a room at a 3 star hotel.

Amazing View from the Empire State Building
Amazing View from the Empire State Building, but Chilly!

It wasn’t worth bidding for a Priceline hotel because it would be really inconvenient to move hotels for one night.  Also, since we were traveling with our teenage daughter, we needed a room with two beds, and Priceline only guarantees that the room will accommodate two adults.  In New York City, hotel rooms are notoriously small, and often cannot accommodate three people.

Check the Room Rate and Call if it Drops

I had booked the room at the AAA rate.  Each week I checked online to see if the rates had dropped.  If so, I called the hotel and requested that they adjust my rate.  I did this four times, and four times, the hotel graciously adjusted the rate downward.  We ended up paying $172 for the room.  With tax, it came to $200.

Great Sales at Macy's
Great Sales at Macy’s
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I love the location of the Radisson Martinique, right in K-town in the center of Manhattan.

We took advantage of pre-Black Friday sales at Macy’s, and went up the Empire State Building — both less than two blocks away.

Thanks to the Martinique app, the hotel comped us breakfast each morning.

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5 thoughts on “My Room Rate Dropped Four Times in Four Weeks

  1. We’ll be staying at the Martinique and when I clicked the link to the app, the page was not found. Can you explain a bit more about getting a free breakfast with the app? Thanks!!

    • I have a screenshot of the free breakfast offer posted here:

      It looks like the Martinique is still advertising their mobile app on their website (, but they have pulled it from the Apple app store. Too bad.

      BTW, I loved staying in Koreatown. Nice vibe and busy at all hours. There is an Asian grocery store a few doors from the Martinique that sells killer Korean sushi. It’s made with a sweet purple rice (technically black rice) that I’d never seen before.

      The buffet breakfast certainly is not worth the $30 they charge. There is also a cafe offering an a la carte breakfast.

      If they don’t comp you breakfast, there is a 24-hour deli kitty corner to the hotel where you can get breakfast. There are also some “French” bakeries and cafes in K-town.

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