Preview Tours of LAX’s Upgraded Tom Bradley Terminal

Tickets are going fast for the June 22 open house and tour at the newly renovated Los Angeles International Airport terminal.  Register now to explore, discover and enjoy special exhibits, entertainment and a chance to win a raffle prize.

LAX International Terminal Open House June 22, 2013
LAX International Terminal
Open House June 22, 2013

The renovation of the airport terminal, named for former Mayor Tom Bradley, has been in the works for four years and is said to be the largest public works project in the history of the City of Los Angeles.  Tickets and parking are free, but preregistration is required.  Visitors will see art and aviation displays, the architecture of the wave-like terminal and meet the dogs in the airport’s new Pets Unstressing Passengers program.

Do you like preview tours of new public works projects?

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The Best Deal I Ever Got… was a $50 Flight Home from Europe

Yup.  Amsterdam to Boston on … gosh was it Pan Am, or TWA, or some other airline that doesn’t exist any more?  They were promoting their new route with an inaugural fare of just $50.

It was 1978 and I had graduated from college and was bumming around Europe on an Interail Pass.  I started in London (thanks to Freddie Laker) and over a period of five months had made my way down to Greece and was heading back North.  I was backpacking and staying in youth hostels and having a great time.

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Part 1: Reagan National Airport is an Art Deco Delight

The original Washington National Airport (DCA) Terminal building is an art deco masterpiece commissioned by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) in 1938 and completed in 1940.

If you have some time to spare on your next trip out of DCA in Washington, DC you should wander over to see the exhibit hall and the restoration of the historic terminal between Terminal A and Terminal B.

The wonderful art deco features have been lovingly restored by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. DCA is an Art Deco Delight The space now serves as a quiet retreat from the rest of the bustling airport.

There is an public exhibit area above the waiting room with historic photographs and artifacts from the art deco era. You can see glass balustrades and other examples of streamlined Art Deco ornamentation.

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