If You’re Not Bidding on Priceline… You’re Missing the Boat

Historic Christ Church, Alexandria, VA
Historic Christ Church, built in 1773
Alexandria, VA

Fishing4Deals is all about traveling well and saving money.  It kills me when people are missing out on great deals because they are afraid to use Priceline, or they don’t know the ins and outs.

Last weekend, my sister-in-law came to Washington, DC to see friends and visit family.  She made reservations to stay in the Crowne Plaza hotel in old town Alexandria, VA near her friend’s place.   “I got a really good deal on the hotel website,” she said.  Just $85 per night.

This kills me because I am guessing she could have gotten this same hotel, or an equivalent one on Priceline for half the price.

How do I know this?

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How to Get Two Rooms for the Price of One

When traveling with family or friends, do you ever wish you could afford to book two adjoining rooms?  You can, and for the same price you would pay for a single hotel room!

Sandy Utah View
View of the Wasatch Mountains from Sandy, Utah
Photo by Scott Catron

Over the Thanksgiving holiday we arranged a rendezvous with my sister in the Utah Valley.  We were treating her to a holiday visit — and room prices were high because of the holiday weekend.  As we walked out of the lobby of the newly renovated Hampton Inn in Sandy, Utah, I looked at her and asked, “Do you think all of these people know about Priceline, or are they paying full price?”

A light bulb went off in my head.  A lot of people are afraid to use Priceline because they don’t know how or are afraid they won’t get a nice hotel.  Or they may think, I need a room with two beds.

I am known in my family as the Priceline Queen because of my knack of finding cheap rooms at nice hotels.  I should start a blog to share my money-saving tricks!

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