A Nostalgic Gift for Oz Lovers

This Is Australia 2015 Wall Calendar
This Is Australia 2015 Wall Calendar

Do you remember the books of Miroslav Sasek?

His children’s books with quirky illustrations inspired a whole generation of children to travel.

Several of Sasek’s iconic children’s travel books have now been published in wall calendar form.

The most recent edition for 2015 is This is Australia.

It would make a nice holiday gift for the Australia fan.

2015 Wall Calendars featuring imaginative drawings by Miroslav Sasek are also available for these cities:

This Is Australia 2015 Wall Calendar
I love the classic illustrations by Miroslav Sasek.

The calendars appeal to people who like classic, whimsical illustrations.

If you frame the images from the calendar at the end of the year it would make a nice tableau.

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2014 Vintage Travel Poster Calendars

Hawaii Bound 2014 CalendarIt seems as if wall calendars are the last vestige of paper stationery items still in widespread use.

Last year we had a cockapoo wall calendar in honor of our beloved dog Mitzy.

This year we have the retro This is Paris wall calendar and a vintage postcard calendar published by the Art Deco Society of Washington.

I love graphics from the art deco and mid-century modern eras, especially the travel posters from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.

There are a number of 2014 travel calendars that caught my eye this year.

Cavellini Italia 2014 Calendar

They mostly feature vintage travel posters of various travel destinations on my bucket list.

There’s nothing like a different poster every month to provide some inspiration for travel!

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Whimisical and Nostalgic 2014 Travel Calendars

This is New York 2014 Wall Calendar When we were in New York City over Thanksgiving, we visited Rockefeller Center and went up to the “Top of the Rock” for a glimpse of the illuminated city.  What really caught my eye, however, was a classic children’s book in the gift shop.  This is New York, the iconic children’s illustrated travel guide, first published in 1960, has been reissued in book and calendar form!

When I was seven, I travelled to Edinburgh, in my mind.  Friends of my parents gave me a copy of This is Edinburgh by Miroslav Sasek as a souvenir from their trip overseas.Miroslav Slovic  The beautifully illustrated book told me everything I needed to know to get to Edinburgh, and what to see when I got there.  Even though I never have been to Scotland, the images of Edinburgh from that book are still etched in my mind.

Along the way, I also acquired This is London.  But I never realized that this was a whole series of children’s books covering over two dozen great cities of the world.

When we got home, I looked for the New York book on Amazon.com, and was pleased to discover that dozens of Miroslav Sasek’s whimsical books have been reissued in the last couple of years.  This is London 2014 CalendarThese books make great gifts for kids pre- or post trip.

What’s more, several of the books have been published in wall calendar form.  The wall calendars are only $9.99.

I immediately ordered a 2014 wall calendar for myself and one for a friend!

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