Two “Free” Tickets to Hershey Park for “Neighbors”

Two Free Tickets to Hershey Park
Two Free Tickets to Hershey Park for Residents of PA, VA, MD, & DE

If you consume any of the beverages pictured above, here’s a nice opportunity to get two free tickets to Hershey Park!

We visited Hershey, Pennsylvania last spring and had a great time, even though we did not go to the amusement park.

“Free” Tickets to Hershey Park

To qualify for the free amusement park tickets, you need to purchase twenty single Pepsi products at Giant or Martin’s grocery stores.

Participating products include:

  • 20 oz. Pepsi-Cola® products (any flavor of Pepsi®, Mtn Dew®, Sierra Mist® and Mug®)
  • 20 oz. Aquafina® products (any variety)
  • 18.5 oz. Pure Leaf® products
  • 11 oz. Starbucks® Iced Coffee drink bottles

But hurry.  Purchases must be made by June 12, 2014, and certificates must be postmarked by June 30, 2014.

The offer is only open to residents of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Discounted Tickets to Hershey Park at Giant Food Stores in VA, WV, PA, & MD
Discounted Tickets to Hershey Park at Giant Food Stores in VA, WV, PA, & MD

You will need to mail in your original receipts along with a certificate to receive a free ticket to Hershey Park.  There is a limit of two tickets per household.

The regular price of tickets to Hershey Park $59.95 for ages 9-54, and $37.95 for kids 3-8, and seniors 55-69.  If you can find a good price on these beverages, this deal can save you a lot of money!

Discounted Tickets to Hershey Park

What if you need more than two tickets, or don’t like Pepsi?

Select Giant Food Stores in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia sell discounted tickets to Hershey Park.

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Springtime in Hershey

Hershey Gardens Photo by Joel Shprentz
Hershey Gardens 

In April, we stopped in Hershey, Pennsylvania for a day to break up a road trip from New England to Virginia.  We had visited the amusement park ten years ago, and wanted to explore other three different attractions on this trip.

First up was the free tour of the fake “Chocolate Factory,” because we love corny rides, factory tours, and chocolate!

The Chocolate Factory is a Disney-style animated ride that tells the story of how chocolate is produced from the growing the cocoa beans to producing Hershey Kisses.  On a Saturday morning, we were able to walk right in without a wait. The ride in little carts through the “factory” was lots of fun. The ride ended with a free sample and let us off in a gigantic chocolate gift shop with all manner of Hershey candy.

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