Good News For Travel Bloggers!

Americans rely predominately on travel review websites in planning their trips, finds an online survey of 35,000 people conducted December 2012-January 2013.  Online travel agencies were the second most popular resource, followed by travel operator sites and family and friends.

The findings underline the importance of “word-of-mouth” recommendations in the internet age.  Hey, this is good news for travel bloggers!

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The Airlines: Then and Now

The print edition of the today’s Washington Post has a great full page spread of infographics comparing  the airline industry of today to the days before deregulation in 1978.

© Goehrum Christian, Dreamstime Stock Photos

Frequent flyer programs emerging since deregulation generate customer loyalty among hundreds of millions of people, reports Dwuan D. June.

“There are trillions of miles out there — 85 percent of which have never been redeemed,” according to Henry Harteveldt, a travel industry analyst cited in the article.

This statistic demonstrates the potentially large cost that airlines are carrying on their books, if consumers can figure out clever ways to leverage their miles.

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