Fifteen Lonely Planet E-Books for $15

Pay what you want for the first five books.
Pay what you want for the first five books.

Need some travel inspiration for the New Year?  

Lonely Planet’s survey books are always a good place to start for some trip planning ideas.  Now you can get fifteen Lonely Planet electronic travel books for $15, via Humble Bumble.

Pay What You Want for $300+ of Lonely Planet E-Books

These books are available in PDF, ePUB, and MOBI formats.  Here’s how it works:

Pay any amount you choose to get five Lonely Planet travel books in electronic format.  The books are:

  1. The Lonely Planet Book of Everything
  2. Best in Travel 2016
  3. The World’s Great Wonders
  4. Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Photography Tips
  5. Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips
Bid above the average and get six additional books.
Bid above the average and get six additional books.

Pay at least the average pledge ($8.61 as of now) to get an additional  six books and probably more.  Included here are:

  1. You Only Live Once
  2. The World
  3. Volunteer:  A Traveller’s Guide to Making a Difference Around the World
  4. How to Survive Anything
  5. From the Source Italy
  6. From the Source Thailand
  7. ? More books coming soon
Pay$15 and get four additional books.

Pay at least $15 to get four more books in addition to all the previous books:

  1. The Travel Book
  2. Lonely Planet’s Beautiful World
  3. Lonely Planet’s Wild World
  4. Wine Trails

That’s a total of $15 for fifteen or more books.  The money goes to one of several charities — including Doctors Without Borders, a personal favorite.

FWIW, my husband says he’s gotten lots of technical books via Humble Bumble.

Free for Kindle: Lonely Planet’s Tackling the UK

Free for Kindle
Lonely Planet Guide to UK: Free for Kindle

Lonely Planet is offering a free e-book to England and Wales that provides travel information for the cities where the Rugby World Cup is taking place this year.

Even if you are not traveling for the games, you may find this travel guide to Great Britain to be useful.

The book, Lonely Planet Tackling the UK: Explore England and Wales during the rugby this autumn, is available free for Kindle from Amazon.  

Lonely Planet’s Tackling the UK travel guide includes tips for saving time and money on transit, food, accommodations, sightseeing, nightlife, and shopping.

Tackling the UK covers these destinations
Tackling the UK covers these destinations

The book covers London, Brighton, Gloucester, Milton Keynes, Exeter, Birmingham, Leicester, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Cardiff.

This 386 page book was published August 1, 2015, so the information should be current.


Free Lonely Planet “Guide to Pride”

Guide to Pride -- Free on iTunes
Guide to Pride — Free on iTunes

Guide to Pride is Lonely Planet’s selection of 20 of the biggest Gay Pride events around the globe.

The guide covers the who, what, where, and when of each city’s Gay Pride celebration.

You’ll also find color photos of major attractions, along with expert travel tips on where to eat, sleep, and drink in each city.

Guide to Pride is available to download free on iTunes.

Published in June 2015, the digital guide is 46 pages long.

The book devotes a two-page spread to each city, so it is by no means comprehensive.

It’s really intended more as an inspiration to travel!


  • Amsterdam
  • Atlanta
  • Auckland
  • Berlin
  • Buenos Aires
  • Cape Town
  • Dublin
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Melbourne
  • New York City
  • Paris
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Reykjavík
  • San Francisco
  • São Paulo
  • Sydney
  • Taipei
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver

Secret Europe by Lonely Planet: Free for Kindle

Secret Europe by Lonely Planet
Free from

Travel guides are some of my favorite leisure reading.  Lonely Planet publishes free e-books that are basically teasers for their full length travel guides.

Their most recent offering, available for free in the Amazon Kindle store, is Secret Europe:  50 Truly Unforgettable Experiences to Inspire your Next Trip.

This 41-page mini-guide, published in June 2014, highlights clandestine nightclubs, secret hotels, killer views, off-the-radar villages, lesser-known cultural capitals, and more.

If your are looking for inspiration to start planning your your next travel adventure, and you like to explore hidden gems and unique activities, you might want to download this book.

Coverage includes:

  • Spain: Cabo de Gata, Parque Natural Sierras Subbeticas, Gibraltar
  • Czech Republic: Olomouc, Prague
  • Poland: Krakow
  • Turkey: Bozcaada
  • Ireland: Cromane, Dublin
  • Macedonia: Dihovo
  • Italy: Lazio, Nocelle, Sibillini Mountains, Ostuni, Venice
  • Croatia: Losinj, Zagreb
  • Germany:Mechernich, Beuron, Berlin
  • Netherlands: Haarlem, Amsterdam
  • England: Battle, South Cotswolds, London
  • Luxembourg: Luxembourg City
  • Norway: Kjerringoy, Bergen
  • Russia: Kaliningrad
  • France: Amiens, Romagne-sous-Montfaucon, Paris
  • Serbia: Belgrade
  • Iceland: Reykjavik, Nordurfjordur
  • Estonia: Tartu
  • Montenegro: Morinj
  • Belarus: Pripyatsky National Park
  • Switzerland: Lavaux
  • Albania: Shkodra
  • Greece: Ithaca
  • Georgia: Kakheti
  • Portugal: Vila do Bispo
  • Wales: Conwy
  • Latvia: Sigulda
  • Scotland: Claunie
  • Finland: The Lakeland
  • Crete: Milia

I am definitely going to add a number of these destinations to my wish list!



Travel to Eat? The World’s Best Street Food

Lonely Planet's The World's Best Street Food
Free on Amazon’s Kindle Store

Live to eat?  Me too!

Lonely Planet’s The World’s Best Street Food: Where to Find It & How to Make It is combination cookbook and travel guide –my two favorite genres.

This 225 page book, published in 2012 presents collection of  street food experiences from around the globe, including everything from classic hotdogs to exotic pastries.

Inside The World’s Best Street Food:

  • 100 authentic recipes from around the world
  • Brilliant images throughout
  • In-depth background of each dish, how it came about and what it’s like to eat
  • Savoury and Sweet sections

    Lonely Planet's the World's Best Street Food
    Lonely Planet’s the World’s Best Street Food
  • Glossary of exotic ingredients with easy-to-find alternatives
  • Where to find the best examples of each dish when you’re on the road
  • Written by food writers from around the world with an introduction by Tom Parker Bowles

The Kindle edition is currently free on Amazon (the paperback costs $14.50.)

Free Guidebook: The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel

Free Lonely Planet Guide:  The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel
Free from the Lee County
Visitor & Convention Bureau

My first paid job in the environmental movement was an internship at the Conservation Foundation in Washington, DC.

I worked for ecologist John Clark, a pioneer in the conservation of wetlands and barrier islands.

He had just published a the seminal guide to ecologically-based land use planning:  The Sanibel Report:  Formulation of a Comprehensive Plan Based on Natural Systems.  The report is a case study of how to develop a land use plan consistent with the carrying capacity of natural systems.

I have always been curious about Sanibel Island in Florida — was the conservation plan able to keep development in check?

Today, much of the island is preserved as the J.N. ‘Ding’ Darling National Wildlife Refuge.  Sanibel, and neighboring Captiva island are best known as a shell collector’s paradise.  Eco-tourism is the major industry.

The Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau is promoting the area by distributing a free copy of Lonely Planet’s guidebook, Discover the Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, published in July 2012.

This is a full color softcover, pocket-sized travel guide — 176 pages, plus a pull-out map. There are no ads.

This guide covers:

  • Beaches: Beautiful beaches of every style, including world-class shelling, secluded white sand and sunsets
  • Nature & eco travel: From pristine beaches to wetlands and wildlife refuges
  • History & culture: Meet the pioneers, from the Calusa Indians to the Koreshan, and lively artists colonies
  • Entertainment: Shopping or nightlife,  from jazz bars to dives and boutiques
  • Dining: Everything from bargain seafood joints overlooking the water to ethnic eats
  • Sport & activities: Get your hiking boots on, your kayak prepped, or hop on a bike
  • Accommodations:  Choose from historic cottages, vacation rentals or chain hotels

Sign up here to request a free hard copy of the Lonely Planet guidebook.

If you prefer a digital version, you can download the Kindle edition free of charge from

Get It Now: Free Dublin Book from Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet's Dublin GuideLonely Planet is offering free copies of its Dublin travel guide for Kindle or iOS in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

This is a an electronic version of the complete 256 page book, published in October 2013.

The regular price of the digital version of Lonely Planet Dublin is $22.99.   

Lonely Planet Dublin, is a comprehensive travel guide, for those planning to both explore the top sights and take the road less travelled.

Here’s the description from the publisher:

Inside Lonely Planet’s Dublin Travel Guide:

  • Full-colour maps and images throughout
  • Highlights and itineraries show you the simplest way to tailor your trip to your own personal needs and interests
  • Insider tips save you time and money, and help you get around like a local, avoiding crowds and trouble spots
  • Essential info at your fingertips – including hours of operation, phone numbers, websites, transit tips, and prices
  • Honest reviews for all budgets – including eating, sleeping, sight-seeing, going out, shopping, and hidden gems that most guidebooks miss
  • Cultural insights give you a richer and more rewarding travel experience – including history, literature, music and architecture.
  • Useful features – including Walking Tours, Day Trips and For Free
  • Coverage of Grafton Street, Temple Bar, Merrion Square, the Northside, Kilmainhaim and the Liberties, and more

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Two New Free Lonely Planet Travel Guides for Your Kindle or iPad

Free Lonely Planet Guide to Top 10 Warm Weather Getaways
Free for Kindle or iBooks

With another snowstorm headed to the East Coast, you may be dreaming about your next tropical getaway.

Just in time, from Lonely Planet:  Warm Weather Escapes: A travel guide for finding the perfect winter getaway.  

This ebook, published in February 2014, is available free for Kindle from Amazon, or for iBooks from iTunes.

I love to peruse these free Lonely Planet guides when I have a long wait or commute.

Turquoise seas, white-sand beaches, palm trees and fruity drinks – all the ingredients for a dreamy, tropical getaway.  So – how to choose?
Inside Top 1o Warm Water Getways:  

  • World map and comparison chart to help you decide on your destination
  • Preview of selected favorites – Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii, Los Angeles & Southern California, Florida, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica
  • Highlights – the top activities and recommendations
  • ‘Best for…’ snapshot featuring what’s great about each location
  • Spectacular images to inspire
Lonely Planet's  Travel Resolutions: 52 New Ways to Experience Planet Earth.
Free for Kindle or iBooks

Need some more inspiration?  How about Lonely Planet’s Travel Resolutions: 52 New Ways to Experience Planet Earth.

This ebook, published in November 2013, introduces 52 travel experiences to whet your travel appetite.
Paraglide in South Africa; rock climb in China; sleep in a tree-house on Canada’s Vancouver Island; take a cooking course in Jordan or a flower-arranging course in Kyoto; go clubbing in Berlin; and much more. 
Inside Travel Resolutions: 52 New Ways to Experience Planet Earth:

  • Get inspired  highlights, expert suggestions, and gorgeous photos help you choose your ideal trip
  • Insider insights  hidden gems that most guidebooks miss will lead you to a richer and more rewarding travel experience
  • Discover more  actively engage with the world via a wide variety of suggested activities, including swimming around the Greek Islands, practicing yoga in India, learning Spanish in Argentina, rafting or kayaking in New Zealand, detoxing in Brazil, studying Tibetan culture in China, witnessing the Northern Lights in Alaska, scuba diving in Belize, falling in love all over again in Venice, and hunting Dracula in Transylvania

Today Only: Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2014 – Free on iTunes

Lonely Planet's Best Travel 2014

Best in Travel 2014 by Lonely Planet offers an inspiring collection of travel tips to plan your adventures in the coming year.

Not only does it rank the top ten countries, regions and cities to visit . . . the 200 page guide also details 17 top travel lists such as:

  • best value destinations
  • best family travel
  • best honeymoon destinations
  • best adventure travel
  • best beaches and small islands
  • best Beatlemania
  • best luxury boot camps
  • best classic car rides
  • hidden foodie highlights
  • best sites for cat lovers, and more!

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Traveling to Britain? Free Lonely Planet Travel Guides

Ye Olde Britain
Free from iTunes

Lonely Planet Travel Guides are among the best, so whenever there’s an offer for a free download, I try to take advantage.  The Apple iTunes bookstore is offering free downloads of a number of Lonely Planet guidebooks, including several specialty guides to travel in Britain.

The best free guides include:

  • Recession-Busting Britain — Best Free Experiences
  • Culture Vulture Britain — Best Cultural Experiences
  • Tasty Britain — Best Eating Experiences
  • Ye Olde Britain — Best Historical Experiences
  • Mini Britain Britain– Best Experiences for Kids

    Mini Britain
    Free on iTunes

These guidebooks to England, Scotland and Wales are full length 100+ page books, though there is a fair amount of overlap between them.  A number of the other books are merely teasers for the full-priced version of the guidebook.  Hat tip to Miles From Blighty.

The USA Best Trips free book includes excerpts on road trips to three regions — the Pacific Coast Highway, Highway 101 Oregon Coast, and Coastal New England.

One other full-featured free book worth mentioning is Discover the Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel.

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