New Benefit: Checked Bags Fly Free with US Airways Dividend Miles Card

First Checked Bag Flies Free with U.S. Airways Dividend Miles card
First Checked Bag Flies Free with U.S. Airways® Premier Dividend Miles® Credit Card

Contrary to conventional wisdom, I always check my bags when I fly.

To me, it is much easier than dragging a heavy suitcase through security and the rest of the airport.

US Airways Drops Checked Bag Fee for Cardholders

Starting tomorrow, holders of a U.S. Airways® Premier Dividend Miles® credit card, and up to four companions, will be able to check their first bag for free on domestic US Airways-operated flights.

That’s a $25 savings per bag each way, or $50 roundtrip.

Just remember to include your Dividend Miles number in your reservation.

If you and a companion check your bags on just one flight a year, this new benefit will more than offset the $89 annual fee on the U.S. Airways® Premier Dividend Miles® credit card.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 7.57.08 AMTrack Your Bags

US Airways also offers passengers a way to track their checked luggage.

To follow your bags from check-in to landing, use your bag tag number, or the confirmation code from your baggage claim ticket.

If your flight has Gogo® internet, you can go to and track your bags in flight for free, from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Do you prefer to check your bags or carry them onboard?

If you fly a lot, you probably have experienced a lost, delayed, or stolen bag.  I’ve had my share of mishaps, but to me, the benefits out way the risks. What is your preference? 

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