Southwest Airlines Triggers Most Positive Sentiments in Survey of Twitter Chatter

Southwest Airlines had the most consistently positive profile in an analysis of  strongly worded tweets about U.S. airlines. The analysis of social media responses to various airlines considered both strongly positive and strongly negative messages posted during December 2011.

77 percent of the strongly worded positive messages were associated with Southwest, followed by JetBlue with 73 percent strongly positive messages.  Only 42 percent of the strong comments about U.S. Airlines were positive.  Delta Airlines had by far the largest number of strongly worded tweets, over 2,500, with 61 percent of the messages positive.

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The Bump: $1350 and a Free Afternoon in Las Vegas

McCarran Airport in Las Vegas Joel Shprentz photo
McCarran Airport in Las Vegas
Joel Shprentz photo

It was a Sunday morning and we were waiting in the Las Vegas Airport (LAS) to board our Southwest Airlines flight home.  Oh no.  The flight is delayed two hours.  There is an equipment change.

The gate agent makes an announcement.  The substitute aircraft has fewer seats.  Volunteers are needed to give up there seats.  They can offer compensation and booking on the next flight out for each passenger who gives up their seat.

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How to Stop Worrying and Start Enjoying Free Travel

Southwest AirlinesJoel Shprentz Photo
Southwest Airlines Wingtip
Joel Shprentz Photo

In November 2011, while changing planes in Denver, I was lured by a vendor offering to sign me up for a Southwest Airlines credit card.  Southwest was celebrating their expansion in the Denver market by offering 50,000 “Rapid Reward” miles as a sign-up bonus.  I had a few minutes to kill so I talked to the vendor about the offer.  He convinced me of the value of these Southwest frequent flyer miles by mentioning that the miles could be used on any flight — there are no blackout dates on Southwest.  The annual fee for the card, issued by Chase bank, was $69.

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