Hidden City Ticketing — Revealed

SKIPlagged App:  Free on iTunes
SKIPlagged App: Free on iTunes

Airfares often defy logic.

Why is a ticket from Washington DC to Salt Lake City more expensive than a ticket from Washington, DC to Las Vegas — with a stop in Salt Lake City?

How can you search for so-called “hidden city” or “throwaway”tickets?

Well, there’s an app for that!

SKIPlagged Finds Cheapest Airfares via Throwaway Ticketing


Skiplagged, available for free in the iTunes store (and also available for Android phones), identifies the lowest available fares for a route.

It takes the guess work out of what city you should use as the final destination when searching for throwaway fares.

Here’s an example, illustrated by screen shots from the Skiplagged app.

Lets say you wanted to fly one-way from Honolulu (HNL) to Los Angeles (LAX) on  October 14.

HNL to OAK via LAX

There is a nonstop flight on Delta Airlines for $394.

If you run the search on Skiplagged, you see that the same flight continues on to Oakland (OAK) for a total fare of just $207.

That’s quite a difference!

Of course, you will have to search for a return ticket, and compare the results with the cost of a round-trip ticket.

Travel Hacking 101:  The Do’s and Don’ts of Throwaway Tickets

Be aware that throwaway ticketing violates most airlines’ Terms of Service (except perhaps Southwest Airlines).

You risk being kicked out of the frequent flyer program, having your miles confiscated, and even being banned from the airline.

It’s not against the law, but it is a very risky practice.

Some experts offer these cautionary notes:

  • Good for one-way tickets only
  • Don’t check bags
  • Don’t use your frequent flyer number

The makers of the Skiplagged app suggest several sources for more information:

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IHG Froze My Rewards Club Account

IGH Rewards Club Account Frozen
IGH Rewards Club Account Frozen

Have you seen the movie Frozen?  Well, that’s exactly what happened to my IHG Rewards Club account.

A couple of weeks ago, I was researching hotels for an upcoming  summer trip.

I noticed that I could not pull up the IHG web page on my computer.  A notice popped up that the site was down.  When this continued for more than a week, I finally realized that something was wrong.

IHG Froze My Rewards Club Account

I called IHG and was told that the website was not down.

However, my access to the website had been terminated for — dare I say — fraudulent activity.

Don’t Believe Everything You Read on the Internet, Duh

IHG Rewards Club (formerly known as Priority Club) allows you to stack more than one promo code on to a reservation.

These promo codes allow you to earn extra points for your stay, sometimes a lot of extra points!

I had found a list of IHG promo codes on a blog somewhere and had attempted to enter as many as possible on to my account.  About half the codes I tried were accepted.

Don’t Enroll in Random IHG Promos

The customer service rep told me that my IHG Rewards Club account had been frozen because I had applied promo codes to my account that I found on the internet.

She warned me to use only promo codes that had been emailed specifically to me.

Using random promo codes would result in IHG confiscating all my points and permanently terminating my account.

Some of the travel hacks you read about on the internet can backfire.  This hack had apparently been working for quite some time.  About the time I discovered it, in June 2014, IHG had pulled the plug.  Consider yourself warned.

Have any travel hacks backfired on you?  Please share in the comments.