A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Drugstore

Vanilla Reload CardI was in attending a conference in Washington, DC yesterday and happened to stop in a CVS drugstore.

Out of habit, I checked the gift card rack, even though I had not seen Vanilla reload cards in Northern Virginia for a couple of months.

Everyone was picking up chocolate Halloween candy yet I was in search of vanilla!

There were no Vanilla reloads on the gift card rack, but when I was checking out I noticed boatloads of them by the cash registers in the front of the store.


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Kind Bars — Best Travel Snack — Deep Discount

Kind Bars from Relay Foods
Kind Bars from Relay Foods

When I travel, I like to throw a few healthy snacks in my overnight bag.  Just in case.  Kind Bars are my latest healthy snack obsession.  These delicious bars are made from nuts, fruit, and whole grains and are packed with fiber, protein and antioxidants.

I love them, but they are expensive.  I’ve seen them sell for $1.50 per bar at Walmart, and for $4.00 apiece at an airport vendor.

When The Girl and Globe alerted me to an opportunity to save $30 on $50 at Relay Foods, I jumped on it.  Relay Foods sells over 20 varieties of Kind Bars — and until October 31, 2013, they are on sale for $1.

With the introductory discount, you can pick up Kind Bars for as little as 40 cents each!

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