Two New Free Lonely Planet Travel Guides for Your Kindle or iPad

Free Lonely Planet Guide to Top 10 Warm Weather Getaways
Free for Kindle or iBooks

With another snowstorm headed to the East Coast, you may be dreaming about your next tropical getaway.

Just in time, from Lonely Planet:  Warm Weather Escapes: A travel guide for finding the perfect winter getaway.  

This ebook, published in February 2014, is available free for Kindle from Amazon, or for iBooks from iTunes.

I love to peruse these free Lonely Planet guides when I have a long wait or commute.

Turquoise seas, white-sand beaches, palm trees and fruity drinks – all the ingredients for a dreamy, tropical getaway.  So – how to choose?
Inside Top 1o Warm Water Getways:  

  • World map and comparison chart to help you decide on your destination
  • Preview of selected favorites – Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii, Los Angeles & Southern California, Florida, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica
  • Highlights – the top activities and recommendations
  • ‘Best for…’ snapshot featuring what’s great about each location
  • Spectacular images to inspire
Lonely Planet's  Travel Resolutions: 52 New Ways to Experience Planet Earth.
Free for Kindle or iBooks

Need some more inspiration?  How about Lonely Planet’s Travel Resolutions: 52 New Ways to Experience Planet Earth.

This ebook, published in November 2013, introduces 52 travel experiences to whet your travel appetite.
Paraglide in South Africa; rock climb in China; sleep in a tree-house on Canada’s Vancouver Island; take a cooking course in Jordan or a flower-arranging course in Kyoto; go clubbing in Berlin; and much more. 
Inside Travel Resolutions: 52 New Ways to Experience Planet Earth:

  • Get inspired  highlights, expert suggestions, and gorgeous photos help you choose your ideal trip
  • Insider insights  hidden gems that most guidebooks miss will lead you to a richer and more rewarding travel experience
  • Discover more  actively engage with the world via a wide variety of suggested activities, including swimming around the Greek Islands, practicing yoga in India, learning Spanish in Argentina, rafting or kayaking in New Zealand, detoxing in Brazil, studying Tibetan culture in China, witnessing the Northern Lights in Alaska, scuba diving in Belize, falling in love all over again in Venice, and hunting Dracula in Transylvania

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