Where Can You Find the Best Crab Cakes in Maryland?

Hint:  It’s not the Eastern Shore.  

IMHO, the best crab cakes in Maryland can be found at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI).

Baltimore’s famous Obryckis, known for their tremendous crab cakes, has closed their downtown location and opened two venues at BWI.  This Baltimore landmark, founded in 1944, is a favorite of seafood lovers.

A Delicious Crabcake
A Delicious Crabcake

The next time you fly out of BWI, check out Obryckis Restaurant and Bar located at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport between gates B-9 and B-11.  The service is fast and the food is delicious — a far cry from the usual airport fare of soggy sandwiches.  Obryckis also operates a bar on Concourse A.

The crabcakes aren’t cheap –$19– for one, but they are delicious!  According to the menu:

Jumbo lump and back fin crab meat with just enough egg and seasoned bread crumbs to hold them together, traditionally served fried, but also available broiled, served with fries and cole slaw.

Seafood lovers — feel free to disagree!

The other day we stopped at G & M in Linthicum, Maryland and it was so crowded we couldn’t get a parking space, or a table!  Crab cakes are their speciality.  Any other suggestions?

I can’t vouch for it but apparently there is also an Obryckis Bar and Restaurant at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport (CLE), Concourse D.

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