Are you Fishing 4 Deals?


FatWallet is the most reliable cash back portal that I have come across.  They are very good at tracking your purchases, and rewards post quickly.

What I like most about it is the ability to use any credit card I choose for my purchases, without having to worry about whether rewards will post.

Since I opened my account  I have earned over $100 in cash back rewards.  You can request a check, or have the money deposited in a PayPal account.

I like to make my Priceline bookings through FatWallet for a 1 percent rebate, and have often gotten cash back (2-4 percent or so) on car rentals as well.  You won’t get rich but it’s not bubkas either.

If you sign up for a FatWallet account through the link on my site, and make a purchase of $25 or more, I will receive a $5.00 commission, for which I am most appreciative.

Better yet, once you have an account with FatWallet you too can earn a 5 spot by inviting friends to open an account!  

According to LifeHacker, sometimes you can find extra money saving coupons on FatWallet  as well.

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4 thoughts on “Are you Fishing 4 Deals?

    • FatWallet is an online shopping portal. It pays shoppers back a few percent in cash for clicking through to online retailers through their portal. Unfortunately, they don’t offer payouts for popular discount retailers like Ebay or Amazon.

  1. Have you tried ebates? A coworker sent out the “invite” a couple of years back to earn some referral $. I usually disregard things but she said it was super simple; it was just before Christmas and all that is required to sign up is an email address. Once I started to accrue your cash, however, you need to provide a mailing address to send the check. Now you can get an Amazon gift card to cash in. I LOVE it. We do a lot of shopping at Amazon so that method works well for us. I remember looking at fat wallet some time back but I am a bit of a paranoid freak when it comes to handing out certain information to sites that are relatively new; that is why ebates was so appealing to start, they only wanted my email (and really, doesn’t everyone?). I JUST did a little digging and fatwallet and ebates are owned by same parent company but have different retailer agreements. Looks like I am going to have to sign up for both now and do a quick compare on the rebate the day I am going to make a purchase. I had no idea they would do travel % as well. Fantastic!

    • Interesting that they are owned by the same company. It certainly pays to shop around to see who is offering the biggest rebate for online purchases. Sometimes I go through the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall to earn points, and sometimes I use Fat Wallet for cash.

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