Club Carlson Visa Bonus Offer on Dining (Targeted)

Club Carlson Visa Bonus OfferOn the heels of the massive Club Carlson devaluation last week, I was surprised to receive a a special offer in the mail to earn an extra 5  bonus points on restaurant purchases made with my Club Carlson Visa between March 1st and April 30th, 2014.

10x Points on Restaurant Spending with Club Carlson Visa

The Club Carlson credit card normally pays 5x points on all purchases, so with this offer, I could earn 10x points on restaurant spending.  The maximum bonus I can receive is 5,000 points.  I’m unlikely to spend $1,000 at restaurants over a 2 month period, but at 10x points, I’ll take what I can get!  

The offer requires preregistration online at with a targeted code provided in the offer letter.

2x Bonus Points on Grocery Purchases with US Air Credit Card

Credit card companies sometimes offer special bonuses like this to get you in the habit of using their card for everyday spending.

I am currently working off a targeted offer on my US Air Credit Card for an extra 2x points on up to $1250 worth of supermarket, movie theatre and utility purchases over a three month period.  This card normally pays 1x points on all purchases, so with the bonus, I will be earning 3x points on groceries.  With supermarket prices so high, I should easily be able to max out this offer for a total of 3,750 bonus points.

3,750 points won’t get me to the moon and back but it might help me reach the threshold for an award ticket.

Have you received any bonus offers recently?

4 thoughts on “Club Carlson Visa Bonus Offer on Dining (Targeted)

  1. Darn! I did not get this, unless I am missing it somewhere. I am working on completing some spends on some new cards, but I would like to get this CC bonus as I have some potential stays coming up. Come to think of it, it’s been far too long since I have gotten one of these targeted spend offers:(

    • Interesting. I have seen other reports of the restaurant offer from last fall, but nothing about gas. I hope you can take advantage of the incentive!

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