Great Gift Card Deal on Tap

Chase Bank Gift Card
Pick Your Design

There is a temporary offer from Chase Bank for gift cards that can make a great present for recent graduates, or a gift for other occasions.

For those looking to meet the minimum spend requirement on a newly opened rewards credit card, these gift cards may offer some advantages, not the least of which is that they are 100% fee free.

The gift cards are can be fully personalized.

You can choose:

  • the card design;
  • a customized greeting;
  • any amount from $25 to $500; and
  • the name of the recipient embossed on the card.

There is no fee for purchasing the gift cards and postage is free.  They can only be purchased with a Chase credit card.

The cards can be used online, on the phone, or at any store that accepts Visa.

Pick Your Design
Pick Your Amount, Even $333

When making purchases with the card, you can select “Credit” and sign a receipt or select “Debit” and enter your “PIN.”

Request a PIN number by registering your card with Chase in advance at 1.866.466.0079.

Though I haven’t tried it myself, I understand that gift cards with PIN  numbers can be loaded into Bluebird cards/accounts at Walmart stores.  The Bluebird account is an alternate, online “bank account” offered by Amex that enables you to make debit card purchases, pay bills online, write checks, and withdraw money from cash machines.

If you are in the market for gift cards for birthdays, weddings, or graduations, this is a good way to avoid excessive purchase fees.

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