Where to Buy Discounted Tickets for Paris Museums

Check Out the Paris Museum Pass
Check out the Paris Museum Pass

Yesterday, I wrote about where to find cheap transit tickets for Paris, France.

Today, I have another travel tip to share.

You may also be able to snag a discounted Paris Museum Pass on Ebay.

I was able to buy two 4-day Paris Museum Passes at about 25 percent off the retail price on Ebay.

Where Does the Paris Museum Pass Offer Free Admission?

These passes provide admission to 60 museums and monuments in Paris and the surrounding area.

With admission at Paris museums averaging about 10 Euros, I am sure we will get our money’s worth out of this baby.  The pass allows you to skip the lines for ticket purchases at the Louvre, and you can visit multiple times with a single pass.

The sites included in Paris are:

Twenty additional  sites around Paris are covered, including Château de Versailles et Trianon and Château de Fontainebleau.

Do not confuse the Paris Museum Pass with the Paris Pass, which is a different product.  If you do a google search for Paris Museum Pass, the Paris Pass is the first listing.  The Paris Pass includes the Paris Museum Pass, a Paris Visite transit pass, and a number of other admissions, and is much more expensive than the museum pass alone.

A purchase of transit or museum passes on Ebay presents some risk, so be sure to verify the seller’s track record before bidding.

2 thoughts on “Where to Buy Discounted Tickets for Paris Museums

  1. I just got back. Yes, 2 passes but there are also 2 companies that can sell them with gigantic differences in price. The one you are seeing is sold advertised and resold by a UK firm that paid for the rights to do that in and outside France. You pay theur mark up that way. However, official tourist agency which can’t advertise sells them for much cheaper at their designated offices such as at the train station. They also sell transit passes. I suspect this may be where they are coming from. Fraud is rampant in Paris and so are thieves. Not my favorite place.

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